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Seamlessly Integrate Real-Time Metrics and Captivating Creator Profiles to Craft Pitches That Resonate and Convert.


Elevate Your Agency’s Pitching Process with Pickle

Where Data Meets Story.

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Realtime Analytics

Streamline your workflow with automated updates, ensuring your talent metrics are always current and accurate for every pitch.

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Dynamic Creator Portfolios

Create vivid, living documents for each creator with real-time analytics, enriched media, and easy customization using our drag-and-drop builder.

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Engaging Storytelling Tools

Transform data into compelling narratives, highlighting the unique appeal of each creator, and making every pitch a captivating story.

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Advanced Lead Tracking

Track brand engagement with your pitches in real time, identify interest patterns, and optimize follow-up strategies for better conversion rates.

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Agent Performance Analytics

Evaluate your team's effectiveness with insights into lead generation and engagement, refining your agency's approach for maximum impact.

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Customizable Interface

Personalize the look of your portfolios to match your agency’s branding, ensuring a professional and consistent presentation in every pitch.

We make it easy to track all your creators' analytics

Pitch and review your creators with stunning portfolios and slick spreadsheets

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Advanced Filtering

Find the perfect creator by filtering on every data point you can think of across multiple platforms, all at the same time

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Complete Customization

Never feel constrained by one-size-fits all media kits, our portfolios feature a drag-and-drop builder and let you create the perfect presentation, every time

Secure Sharing, Smart Deal-Making

With Pickle, gauge the potential of every deal accurately. Our in-depth document analytics provide insights into viewer engagement, helping you understand the impact of your proposals. Know who viewed your pitch, for how long, and which talent captured their attention the most. Eliminate the uncertainty in deal pursuits, enabling you to focus your efforts where they count.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we receive from creators who are being asked to sync to Pickle

What is Pickle and why do I need to sync my social media accounts with it?

Pickle’s software allows your talent agency to collect 100% accurate and up-to-date analytics on the creators in their roster. By syncing your social media accounts with Pickle, we will be able to share your data with your agency and ensure that you never have to send them screenshots of your analytics tabs ever again.

Is syncing my accounts with Pickle safe?

Yes, syncing your accounts with Pickle is safe. Your privacy settings on your social media accounts will not be affected by the syncing process. Pickle is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of the data you provide.

Do you store my passwords?

No, we never ask you to enter your passwords into Pickle, syncing your accounts is done through official integrations with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter and is completed within each social media platform respectively.

What kind of data will Pickle collect?

Pickle will collect data on your social media accounts, such as the number of likes, views, followers, and the audience demographics of the followers on your accounts. Pickle cannot see passwords, DMs, or accounts you are following/who are following you.

Can I choose which social media accounts I want to sync with Pickle?

Yes, you can choose which social media accounts you want to sync with Pickle. You can also disconnect an account from Pickle at any time.

How can I be sure that my data is being used for my benefit?

Pickle is committed to using your data to provide you with valuable insights and help you display yourself in the best manner possible. Additionally, you can request access to your data at any time to review the information being collected.

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