About Our Company

Our two co-founders, Nick and Ian, are two seniors at the University of Southern California. They met in a student run incubator and built a FinTech product called Paper. After Paper, they came back together to build Pickle, and have been working on it since summer of 2022.

Why we make the perfect combo

Before Pickle, Nick co-founded a brand partnership agency that brokered 7-figures of brand deals in its first year and worked regularly with top creators like Logan Paul and Mike Majlak.

Ask any student at USC and they'll tell you Ian is the best web-developer they've ever seen. He taught himself to code over COVID and the only thing that can drag him away from the keyboard is the gym and USC Football Tailgates.

We are dedicated to empowering the middleman in the creator economy

Having built an agency himself, Nick was frustrated with the lack of tools for the agencies that make the creator economy go round, and instead of waiting around for a better solution to appear he decided to build one himself.

Ian and Nick are passionate about increasing efficiency and transparency in the influencer marketing industry and always eager to learn more about how they can help agencies.

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