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Portfolio Builder

Best in class creator portfolios

Crafting the perfect pitch for each creator is an art, and with Pickle's Portfolio Builder, you have the canvas to create masterpieces. Embrace the power of customization and data-driven storytelling.

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Always Updated, Always Engaging

Each portfolio is a living document, consistently updated to ensure relevance and engagement. With Pickle, your pitches stay fresh, accurate, and compelling, reflecting the ever-evolving journey of every creator.

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Data-Driven Narratives

Embed the story of success with real-time, precise analytics. Our portfolios transform posts into impactful narratives, showcasing the measurable achievements of each creator.

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Customization at Your Fingertips

Choose from a diverse range of themes and layouts to match the unique brand and style of each creator. Our Portfolio Builder is designed to amplify individuality, letting each creator’s personality shine.

lead tracking

Streamline Your Outreach with Precision and Ease

Maximize your efficiency with our advanced tracking system. Receive instant notifications when someone engages with your shared links. Sharpen your follow-up strategy by focusing on genuinely interested parties, saving time and enhancing the effectiveness of your outreach.

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Insightful, Immediate Feedback

Stay one step ahead with real-time analytics from your creator portfolios. Be strategically prepared for every meeting, knowing exactly how your documents impact your audience. Always know who your clients are interested in.

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Always the Latest Content

Update your creator's portfolio even after sharing. Rest assured, every recipient automatically views the most current version, ensuring consistent and up-to-date communication.

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Identify Top Performers

Quickly pinpoint top-performing agents in lead generation with our intuitive dashboard. Gain insights into lead quantity and quality, and use this data to cultivate excellence and competitive drive within your team.

White Label Customization

Seamlessly Align with Your Agency's Brand Identity

Pickle's white-labeling service tailors presentations to match your agency's unique branding, ensuring consistency and professionalism in every client interaction. From style guides to logos, we integrate your specific design elements, creating a harmonious and distinctive brand experience.

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Embrace Individuality, Reject Uniformity

At Pickle, we believe in the power of uniqueness - no two agencies or creators are alike, and neither should their presentations be. Our tools are designed to highlight the distinct characteristics of each agency and creator, ensuring that every presentation is as unique as your talent and brand identity.

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Consistent Agency Branding

Maintain a consistent brand identity across all client interactions. Our customization extends beyond just color schemes and logos; we incorporate your agency’s unique fonts, language, and design elements, ensuring uniformity and professionalism in every shared document.

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Strengthen Brand Recognition and Reliability

Presentations that align with your established branding foster greater trust and recognition among clients. Our white-label solution enhances your agency's credibility, portraying a polished and cohesive brand image that resonates with your clients and partners.

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